My design sensibilities are informed by my experience working in eCommerce, print, and education. I believe good design is invisible and I practice this through clean, straightforward graphic solutions.

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I have been making digital and traditional art professionally for over 10 years. I can create both vector and raster imagery. Before you purchase that stock asset, why not ask your resident designer artist?

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What Makes Me a Unique Designer?

I became a coder to design for web, a printer to design for print, a videographer to design in motion, an exhibitor to design for display, a data specialist to design with value, and a coordinator to make it all work under one roof.

I wouldn't have worn so many hats if I didn't love wearing hats. In my roles I am constantly searching for opportunities to learn.

Aesthetically, my designs can be characterized as crisp, clean, and vital. I specialize in digital graphic design with experience in marketing, merchandising and prepress. My designs are colored by an education in fine arts and illustrations. I have created custom graphics from scratch and designed original art that sets itself apart from stock imagery.

I have worked within a creative team as well as independently leading projects.  In both cases, my communication skills are key to success. I have an understanding of what is expected of me from multiple department perspectives. Whether it was collaborating within my team or liaising across departments, I am a strong advocate for the creative perspective.